JFKS Spring cleaning on April 17 – Parent Volunteers needed

JFKS Spring Cleaning:

Please sign-up on the doodle sent out by the Parent Council!

Friday, 17 April, 15:00 – 19:00 hrs: 

Parents are invited to come to school starting at 15:00 to help tidy up the school and campus. There will be an assignments desk under the Kennedy portrait in the foyer, where parents can volunteer. Please bring your own bucket, soap, glass cleaner, sponges, scrubbers, single edge razor blades and paper towels. The goals will be:
1. to clean the all of the outside doors (inside and out), removing old tape and dirt,
2. to clean all of the inside metal and class doors, which separate the different parts of the building, removing old tape and dirt,
3. clean the toilets as needed,
4. sweep the Hof as needed (brooms available from the Hausmeister).
5. cleaning and disguising miscellaneous black holes. 
The New England Association of Schools and Colleges visiting team for accreditation will be starting their visit officially on Sunday, 19 April, with a complete tour of the campus. Let’s be “house proud” and ensure that JFKS looks good.
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