JFKS Gymnasts Win Gold Medal in Berlin Gymnastics Competition

17 Feb 2015 — Fifteen students competed in the gymnastics competition “ Turnwettkampf der Berliner Schulen 2015”at the Sporthalle Schöneberg on Fasching Tuesday. They were excited to be part of this Berlin-wide event with over 150 gymnasts participating from 16 Berlin elementary schools.
Here are the results of the three JFK teams:
• 1st place (grades 4-6) — Sarah H., Emma P., Finley R., Jonah R., and Konstantin T.
• 5th place (grades 1-3) — June B., Meredith L., Chiara G., and Sophia P.
• 14th place (grades 4-6) — Ella D., Hannah C., Nina S., Emily M., and Cristina S.
All boys and girls had to perform a compulsory routine on five events – horizontal bar, vault, balance beam, parallel bars, and floor. Additionally, each team showed a synchronized floor exercise. For some of these students this was their first competition, and they did really well.  
Congratulations to all gymnasts – beginners to advanced –  and thank you to the parents and trainers for their support and time! 

B. Reinert 
Gymnastics Division of the Sport-Club JFKS Berlin e.V.

JFK Team Turnwettkampf

The JFK Gymnasts with coaches Alice and Sascha at the Schöneberg gym.
Back to front: Ella D., Nina S., Cristina S., Emily M., Sarah H., Emma P., Hanna C., Konstantin T., Finley R., Jonathan R., Chiara G., June B., Sophia P., and Meredith L.

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