Community Service

In 2012/13 the JFKS religion and world views teachers first started the program “Generationsbrücke” with students from the 4th grade aiming to develop a partnership with senior citizens from ‘Die Arche’, the Grüber-Haus and the Sidonie-Scharfe-Stiftung by visiting their residences regularly with the students. The children are prepared and accompanied for their visits by their teachers and representatives of the Generationsbrücke Germany.

Through the Generationsbrücke, the children can learn that ageing is a natural process and lose their fears of older people and those who need special care. Experiences of closeness, respect and the feeling of being mutually loved and needed can be promoted. The meaning of constant and regular relationships also becomes accessible in this framework. It’s important that the children do things together with the seniors and not something for them.

JFKS Elementary Canned Food Drive
Organized by the JFKS Elementary Student Council a Canned Food Drive takes place every year around Thanksgiving. Every class collects as many canned and dried goods as they can, all the goods are collected and weighed and – supported by the Scouts and the American Church in Berlin – eventually packed up in bags to be handed out to families in need by the “Laib und Seele” program of the American Church in Berlin. In 2012 JFKS students collected more than… tons which were packed into 285 bags.

Christmas in a Box
Every year before christmas all religion and world views classes bring in shoe boxes filled with items like soap or shampoo, christmas cookies, socks etc., after adding self-made christmas card, the boxes are gift-wrapped and taken to the Bahnhofmission Zoologischer Garten where they are handed out to the homeless.


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