World Views (Lebenskunde)

World Views (Lebenskunde) is aimed at students who do not take part in religious education but who are nevertheless interested in ethical and philosophical questions from a non-religious perspective.

Values such as self-determination, tolerance and responsibility form the ethical foundations of the subject. Within the lessons, the students are given space to think about topics like “Who am I?”, “Others and Myself”, “Emotions”, “Friendship”, “Health”, “Solving problems”, “The course of life”, “Environment”, and “World religions”. They are encouraged to work in various ways, discuss with others and find their own answers.

World Views classes are provided by the German Humanist Society, which has been offering the subject parallel to religious education in Berlin.

Maria Berndt (Lebenskunde/World Views – English)
Melanie Yanikoglu (Lebenskunde/World Views – Deutsch)

Information on the curriculum:


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