August 18: Orientation Day for all new JFKS families and all 7th graders

Orientation Day on Friday, August 18

1. Orientation program for all new JFKS students in grades 1-12 and their parents starting at 13.30h in the Large Aula with general information for new parents. Afterwards new elementary school students and their parents will have a chance to meet their homeroom teacher and see their classroom.

New high school students take part in the high school orientation program starting at 13.15 and ending at 4 – 4:30 p.m, their parents are welcome, but not required, to stay until then as well.

There will be information including school catering, school bus, after school care, as well as campus tours and refreshments offered.

Please note that the Entrance Class has a separate orientation program that does not take place on that day.

2. Orientation program for ALL 7th graders (without parents), 13.15-16.30h, starting in the Small Aula. They will receive their schedules and homeroom placement, their lockers (if their parents are VEREIN members, please remember to bring 10€ deposit) and more useful information for their start in high school. If you haven’t pre-ordered and paid for a JFKS planner yet but would like one, please bring an extra 12€ to buy one at the table in front of Haus Reil.

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