8th grade ski trip – Arrival Update: March 16

16.3.2018, 14:30h

The buses are 280km away, estimated arrival time: 17:30-18:00h.



The ski trip is nearing its conclusion, but not before some major excitement to wrap up the two-week experience. Last night witnessed the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Ski Trip 2018 after a lively competition of various zany events for both the boys and girls. Earlier today, the students had the opportunity to join their friends in groups to ski the top of the mountain while the teachers supervised from various points on the slopes. We had lunch on the slopes, various groups gave rousing renditions of their group cheers, and we departed Hochfuegen for the last time. Back at the hotel, students relaxed a bit and selected songs for tonight’s final dance before attending to their suitcases and room cleaning. To be dismissed for dinner, students had to pass a final room inspection. Their reward? Kaiserschmarrn for dessert! (You might want to try that at home!)

Anticipated arrival for Friday is between 17 and 18 pm. While both students and teachers will be relieved to be reunited with their respective families, we also return with memories of a very fulfilling trip and great advancement on the slopes, and for that the students showed their appreciation with a resounding applause for Herr Mueller after the evening announcements. We hope your children have grown in many ways as a result of their experience here in Zillertal!

Chad Felt


We’re halfway through the ski adventure, and the learning (and fun) continues!

Since the last report the students have had to contest with heavy snow and low visibility on their last day of the first rotation, but the second groupings started with clear skies while the temperatures have remained low enough for relatively good conditions for all groups. By now everyone has witnessed the athleticism and talent of our top-tier skiers, but as a teacher there is nothing better than to witness the rapid advancement of those who are just learning the sport on this trip. Everyone who is allowed to ski (barring pre-trip injuries) has now experienced the lifts at Hochfuegen, but many beginner students have already skied multiple lifts, including blue and red slopes (Pisten). Your kids are amazing learners. Furthermore, their engagement and positive approach has marked them as cultured young ladies and gentlemen. They are increasingly helpful and polite as they get to know and respect the teaching team and each other.

Back at Hotel Eberleiten, the students have presented a variety of evening activities including JFK’s Top Model, a Dance contest, speed-dating and the always popular Music Night with Mr. Weiss. If tonight’s second dance party is anything like the first, the students will once again come bounding up from the activity room giggling, full of enthusiasm and the latest gossip of who danced with whom! While it’s true that a handful of the children have missed a day or two of skiing due to colds or a fever, our medical team reports that the illness situation is typical and even lighter than usual for the trip. On our second ski-free day Monday, students will enjoy their choice of shopping, swimming or hiking before we head down the homestretch. Yes, in no time your darlings will be reunited with you – with many stories to tell. Looks like snow is in the forecast for our final days of skiing – nothing like skiing in fresh snow!

With warm regards from Austria,

Chad Felt



The 2018 JFKS Ski Trip group arrived at their destination just as the sun was beginning to set over a picturesque Austrian mountainscape, where, despite some initial minor issues mostly – attributed to expected 8th grade enthusiasm – the function enjoyed an auspicious start. The students, are not only learning, but experiencing important lessons. Off the slopes, these lessons range from simple table manners and organization to more impactful lessons in community and team building, examples of which were the first of the night-time programs, JFKS’ Next Top Model, put on by class 8a, was resounding success, and 8b organized a fantastic and exciting game of Jeopardy. On the slopes, our beginners, many of whom are experiencing the sport for the first time, are coming along quickly, and by the second day a large portion were already on the lifts – no mean feat. Our advanced group, after having an opportunity to demonstrate their respective abilities, continue to hone their skills and to come into their own as skiers. Overall, the students, when they are not exhausted or asleep on the bus during the trip back from the mountain, are thoroughly enjoying their time here. More news in the days to come!

Bryan Davis


Buses arrived safely at 18:20h.

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