8th Grade Ski Trip – 3rd Update

March 18, 2014

Dear John F. Kennedy Parents and Community,

It is Day 10 of our 2014 8th Grade Ski Trip and the weather is sun, sun, sun! And what is the trendy new look on students´ faces? Goggle tan. White eyes and bronzed faces. You see this look everywhere: at the 8e Talent Show night last night, where various groups from all different classes sang, danced, and did skits while the rest of the goggle tanned students clapped, sang along, or respectfully listened to their classmates. The atmosphere was fun and exciting, with all students truly supporting those performing. Our goal of integration of cultures as well as the six sections is becoming a reality.

One also sees the goggle tan look on the slopes. Our beginning skier students have all made it with the gondola to the top of the mountain and are making their teachers and themselves proud by learning more each day. The advanced groups are refining their skills and seeing lots of the ski resort.

And finally, we have those goggle tanned teachers. Though sometimes tired from waking students, teaching skiing all day, helping to supervise bus rides, meals and evening activities, the staff still meets every night after ´lights out´ to talk about, what else? The goggle tanned students. The consensus? All teachers agree that this group of 2014 goggle tanned students are winners. They are a cohesive, thoughtful, positive, well-behaved, and a generally healthy bunch. They are no longer six sections. They are one group—one group that the teaching staff is very proud of.
Chris Weiss

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