8th Grade Ski Trip 2016 – Update III

As our trip nears its end, we look back to the great memories we have shared over the past two weeks.  After some great skiing over the weekend, the students enjoyed another ski free day on Monday during which they chose between swimming, shopping, or hiking.  Then it was back to the slopes for another two full days of skiing.   Once again, the students experienced a variety of weather and snow conditions, including heavy snowfall and two beautiful sunny days.

skitrip 2016 upd 3

skitrip 2016

For our final day of skiing, the students went in their groups to the top of the mountain.  They “freely” skied in groups of 3-5 students under the close supervision of the instructors.  On the last trek down the mountain, two lines of 25 advanced skiers lined the entrance to the beginner slope while a group of former beginners skied between.  Unplanned, in one of the nicer moments of the trip, an applause of clanging ski poles from the 50 onlookers encouraged them down for the last time.
After a group picture on the slopes, we enjoyed a sunny picnic lunch and then returned all of our rental equipment.  Our final afternoon was spent soaking in the mountain sun, packing, doing some last minute shopping, and enjoying each other’s company.
Skitrip 2016

Skitrip 2016

Thursday night will offer one final “party”.  Friday morning, the students will rise early to start the long drive back to Berlin.
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