In 2012/13 we first started the program “Generationsbrücke” with students from the 4th grade. We aimed to develop a partnership with senior citizens from ‘Die Arche’, the Grüber-Haus and the Sidonie-Scharfe-Stiftung by visiting their residences regularly with the students.

The children were prepared for their visits by us and representatives of the Generationsbrücke Germany and are accompanied by us. Questions and topics that arise from these visits can be discussed and developed in our lessons.

Through the Generationsbrücke, the children can learn that ageing is a natural process and lose their fears of older people and those who need special care. Experiences of closeness, respect and the feeling of being mutually loved and needed can be promoted. The meaning of constant and regular relationships also becomes accessible in this framework. With the promotion of these values, we want to take a stand against the superfluity of material and medial overstimulation in today’s society and the meaninglessness that follows. It’s important to us that the children do things together with the seniors and not something for them.

The students who take part in the program come from a cross-section of all Religion and World Views classes which makes it a joint project. Some of the students visit one of the residences for a cultural program presenting a program of songs encouraging the residents to sing-along.


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