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for submissions to the Parent Newsletter 
for school year 2014/2015
Deadline Time is 12:00 noon

Contact: gro.n1529679337ilreb1529679337skfj@1529679337np1529679337

No. 254
December/January 2014
Deadline: 20.11.2014
Distribution: 08.12.2014

Subject to change 

Please state your connection to the school when submitting anything for the newsletter as we only print private ads and articles from JFKS parents, teachers and students (no commercial ads). Make sure to include your phone number so that we can contact you if a question arises concerning content.
We accept a 6-10 Euro donation per ad and request that the bank transfer be made to the account below before or within the month of publication. The PN depends on donations to cover its costs.
Ads and articles should be submitted through our email address pn@jfksberlin.org and written in Arial/Helvetica font, size 9 print, single spaced, preferably as a Word document if more than a few lines (please no pdf). The Newsletter staff reserves the right to shorten or alter submissions. The Parent Newsletter, the Parent Council and the JFKS Verein are also not responsible for the contents of the submitted ads and articles. We reserve the right to reject a submission. Please understand that we cannot print ads that serve persons not affiliated with our school. Publication is not limited to print and may appear online.
We do have a cubby in the HS teachers‘ lounge if you care to leave us a note.

BANK INFO: The JFKS Verein Parent Newsletter BLZ 10010010 (Postbank) Kto. 155945101

Over the years we’ve tried to encourage as many ads and articles to be submitted in both German and English in order to address the entire school community. Since we are conscious of space limitations, however, we leave it to the individual’s discretion, and if need be, choose one language due to formatting reasons.