High School

In the high school at JFKS, services and accommodations for students with a diagnosed learning disability are provided in accordance with Berlin School Law and standard procedures in the United States. Accommodations for the MSA (Mittlerer Schulabschluss, end of 10th grade examination) and Abitur exams are determined by Berlin regulations; AP (Advanced Placement) exam accommodations are regulated by the College Board.

Files of students with special needs (language, Math, AD(H)D, milder forms of Asperger Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorder, physical disabilities) from the JFKS Elementary School are managed by the Middle School Counselor (grades 6-9), who is responsible for:

  • Making teachers aware of students with special needs at the start of the school year,
  • Making sure that psycho-educational and other evaluations are up to date, and counseling parents if more information / evaluation is necessary,
  • Calling and facilitating grade level class conferences early in the school year, at which supportive measures and accommodations are decided upon and documented (a principal is present and signs the accommodations form for each student, and parents are informed by letter from the principal)
  • Maintaining the accommodations file in Haus Reil

New students with identified learning disabilities are required to submit current psycho-educational or other evaluations, in order to receive accommodations, and are handled according to the above procedure (Middle School Counselor grades 7-9, High School Counselor grades 10-12).


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