Elementary School

Services for students with special needs are managed by the school administration and the JFKS School Counseling department. There are two kinds of students with special needs at JFK Elementary School:

1. Students with milder forms of learning disorders, who have been identified by the teachers and tested by in-house staff

2. Students with diagnosed special needs, who have been tested by the German-speaking Berlin School Psychological Service or by English-speaking, registered and certified psychologists.

Both groups of students are served in-house by JFKS staff, and in some cases these students receive additional services outside of school.

Students with special needs are discussed regularly in the class conference, which consist of all of the teachers who teach a particular child, along with the school counselor and one of the principals. Centrally organized grade level conferences traditionally take place at the end of the first semester, 8 weeks before the end of the school year and then 4 weeks before school ends. Class conferences may also be called whenever teachers observe a dramatic change in a student’s performance, when an in school assessment shows a special need or when parents provide the school with written documentation of a diagnosed disorder.

Students with diagnosed and documented special needs whose psycho-educational report is less than three years old, are eligible for accommodations. The class conference decides which accommodations are appropriate for the particular student, these are documented and the parents receive a copy of the accommodations page. A copy is also given to each of the student’s teachers and is updated annually.

The school’s on-site learning therapist meets as needed with individual students with special needs one hour per week, while the school counselor may meet with students either individually or in small groups.


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