Support – Elementary School

Reading Lab
Reading Lab is a service only for English Mother-Tongue students. One full-time teacher and an assistant work in two different rooms within the Elementary School and take students who are referred by their teachers for the additional support. Literacy skills, such as reading fluency and comprehension, as well as developing writing skills can all be addressed within this service. The amount of time and the emphasis on different skills is dependent on an individual the students’ needs.

Leseladen is a support service only for German Mother-Tongue students. It is run by two staff members in rooms GR104 and GR105. German reading fluency, comprehension, as well as writing skills such as spelling and spelling strategies are all addressed. The amount of time, and specific instructional goals are assessed and designed for each individual student and their needs. Please note that this service is offered only on the recommendation of the homeroom teachers.

Math Lab
Math Lab is a support for students who are struggling with Math regardless of Mother Tongue designation. Referral to the Math Lab will be given by the individual teachers of students. Skills worked on will then be addressed by staff members in R241 and R242 respectively. Should it be needed, both Math Lab teachers are able to test for Math weaknesses beyond normal remediation using the HRT (Heidelberger Rechen Test).

If a formal diagnosis of Dyscalculia exists the students are often mandated to Math Lab visits to help support them in their learning development. Hours that might be effected by this may include Religion, a part of Library, or parallel to in-class math instruction. To ease the experience for students, Math Lab instructors attempt to have groups of students in their classrooms rather than individual sessions.

For best communication the Math Lab instructor will provide updates at parent conference biannually. Progress reports are not awarded grades but written statements with individual details.

3rd and 4th Grade Homework Help w/ TEACHERS
There is a homework help program after school for grades 3 and 4, where a bilingual teacher is available to help the students complete their homework successfully. In grades 5 and 6 there are two opportunities per week to receive additional help with homework.

5th and 6th Grade Homework Help w/ TEACHERS
Students with less severe academic needs have the opportunity to participate in English, German, or Math Help, two times per week. This remedial instruction is taught by one of the home room teachers during one of the elective instructional hours and one hour after school. It is meant for students needing short-term assistance to overcome a specific subject-related deficit. Participation and sign-up is completely voluntary.


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