Support – Elementary School – D

Remedial Assistance

Within the elementary school, there are three rooms providing remedial assistance, students may be referred to remedial assistance by their homeroom or subject teachers with the parents’ agreement. All three rooms are staffed by a certified and experienced special needs teacher and an instructional aide:

– Reading Lab (for English Mother Tongue students)
– Leseladen (for German Mother Tongue students)
– Math Lab (for Math students)

Depending on the individual needs, the student may spend one to four hours per week in one or two of the rooms.

English / German / Math Help
Additionally, students with less severe special needs have the opportunity to participate in English Help, German Help or Math Help, two times per week. This remedial instruction is taught by one of the home room teachers during one of the religion instructional hours and one hour after school. It is meant for students needing short-term assistance to overcome a specific subject-related deficit.

Homework Help
There is a homework help program after school for grades 3 and 4, where a bilingual teacher is available to help the students complete their homework successfully. In grades 5 and 6 there are two opportunities per week to receive additional help with homework.


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