Parent Evening Schedule

Dear Parents,

The first parent evenings of the new school year 2018/2019 will take place according to the following schedule. An election of parent representatives will be conducted and you will have an opportunity to meet your child’s homeroom teacher and to learn about the curriculum for the current school year.


DATE                                     GRADE                      TIME/LOCATION

Tuesday, 04 Sept.                 Grades 3+4                18:00 Aula then split to classrooms

Tuesday, 04 Sept.                 Grades 7+8                19:00 Aula then split to classrooms

Thursday, 06 Sept.                Grades 5+6                19:00 Aula then class rooms

Wednesday, 12 Sep.             Grades 9+10              19:00 Aula then split to classrooms

Wednesday, 12 Sept.            Grades 11+12            19:30 Aula

Thursday, 13 Sept.                Grades 1+2                19:00 classrooms

Tuesday, 18 Sept.                 Entrance Class            19:00 classrooms ***

Monday, 17 Sept.                 Entrance Class (B-E)     19:00 classrooms ***

Thursday, 20 Sept.                Entrance Class A only  19:00 classroom ***


The first PARENT COUNCIL MEETING is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25at 19:00 in the large Aula.

*** This change was made August 31. Parents were notified accordingly.



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