Parent Evenings 2015-16

Please note the dates for the first parent evenings of school year 2015-16:

Tuesday, 01 Sept.,  Grades 5+6,  19:00 Large Aula 

Thursday, 3 Sept.,  Grades 3+4, 19:00 Large Aula

Tuesday, 08 Sept.,  Grades 1+2, 19:00 classrooms

Thursday, 17 Sept.,   Entrance Class, 19:00 classrooms

                                   Grades 7+8,  19:00 Large Aula

                                   Grades 11+12, 19:30 Large Aula

Note: 7th and 8th grade parents will leave the Large Aula by 19.15h, 11th and 12th grade parents are asked to enter the Aula AFTER 19.20h

Thursday, 24 Sept.,  Grades 9+10, 19:00 Large Aula


The first PARENT COUNCIL MEETING for all elected Parent Representatives is scheduled for Tuesday, 29 September, at 19:00 in the large Aula.



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