5th grade: Beginning/Advanced Strings

Beginning Strings
Instrumental music is available to ALL 5th graders at JFK. Students who choose to play Violin, Viola, Cello or String Bass are part of a year long ensemble which teaches students the basics of good posture, tone and music reading. Students are involved in a weekly orchestra ensemble class as well as small group lessons. Instruments are provided by the school for a nominal rental fee. Students perform in one concert at the end of the year. Mr. Hale is the instructor for these classes. Membership is approximately 40 students. Students perform their music at the end of the year.

When? Thursday, 2nd period

Director: Robert Hale

Advanced Strings
Advanced 5th grade string players (those with previous experience and/or private lessons) have the opportunity to perform in a separate class taught by Frau Freymadl. The group participates in the ES Music Evenings.

When? Thursday, 2nd period

Director: Esther Freymadl


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