Advanced Orchestra

This string ensemble is an elective choice that students in 6th grade can be part of. (Younger students must first play a short audition for the director if they want to be a member of this ensemble). Students MUST provide their own instrument (unless they want to play Viola or String Bass). Students continue to learn technique (such as self tuning, vibrato, shifting, etc.) through ensemble rehearsals and weekly lunch lessons. Students perform in 2 concerts a year (Winter and Spring). Private lessons are recommended for students, but not required. Membership is approximately 40 students. *If a student is interested in participating in both Orchestra and Band, they should contact the Directors as this is a possibility!!
(Students who are members of this group have the opportunity to audition for the European Middle School Honor Orchestra (grades 6-8) sponsored by AMIS (Association for the Music in International Schools)).

When? Wednesday, 8th period

Director: Robert Hale


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