Entrance Class – Grade 2

Since their school day already ends at 13.05h, students in the Entrance Class through Grade 2 who are not participating in one of the After School Care programs (Late Birds or Hort) are expected to have lunch at home after returning from school. Each child should bring a healthy snack and drink from home which they have during their scheduled snack time earlier in the school day.

For students attending Hort, a warm lunch is included in their Hort fee. Entrance Class children are taken to the Hort rooms by their Hort teachers after school where they have their lunch. Hort children in Grades 1 and 2 come to the Aula after school and sit down at preset tables to have lunch together with their Hort teachers.

For students attending “Late Birds”, there are two lunch options. They can either bring a lunch chip (through a private contract with the caterer Brunch@School) and will be taken to have lunch in the Aula after reporting to “Late Birds” after school; or they can bring a lunch from home and sit down with the other children in the Aula to eat it.