Additional external services

SIBUZ / School Psychologists
The SIBUZ (Schulpsychologische und Inklusionspädagogische Beratungs- und Unterstützungszentren) are services that exist in each district of Berlin. For the John F. Kennedy School the responsible district and office are as follows:

Dessauerstraße 49 – 55
12249 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 90299 2572
Fax: (030) 90299 2602

Parenting and Family Advising

Child Social Services

In case of a crisis we work closely with the trained professionals at Neuhland. As a family or individual you can also contact Neuhland directly by calling, or exploring their many offerings on their website.
Contact: Tel.: (030) 873-0111, Website

Further English Speaking Resources

  • Linden Global Youth & Education Services OHG

Is an external service that supports schools and families in international settings. Their team includes Psychologists, Academic Coaches, Learning Support Specialists, and Consultants. For further information please visit their website or call them directly.
Contact: Jägerstraße 67, 10117 Berlin, Tel.: (030) 239-22067, Website

  • ACT Berlin

The Association of Counselors & Therapists is an excellent resources to locate therapists, counselors, and social workers that offer multilingual services. To review the directory of available service providers please visit the link below.
Contact: Website


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