Elementary School Admission

The admissions process depends on the grade level you are applying for:
Entrance Class
(also called Kindergarten in the US or “Vorschule” in German)
Grades 1-6

Please note the respective application periods here.

If you have submitted a complete application, you will receive email confirmation within ten to twelve weeks that your application has been processed.

The actual admission process begins in May and June for Grades 1-6 and will continue in the fall, if space is available. The Entrance Class lottery will be held in the spring. Participating applicants will be notified accordingly.

A copy of the PDF of the JFKS Admissions Regulations can be found here.


A student’s application is AUTOMATICALLY DELETED at the end of September of the school year originally applied for. It is not possible to roll-over your applications to the next year. A new application form and supporting documents must be submitted.

Please be advised that admission is contingent upon the applicant being registered as living within Berlin’s city limits at the time of admission (see para. I, 1 of the “Admissions Regulations”). For applicants moving to Berlin, proof of residency in Berlin must be submitted before the beginning of the school year.


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Welcome Office / Admissions

Annika von Maydell

Please send your applications ONLY to the following email address:

Or by regular mail:

John F. Kennedy School
Teltower Damm 87-93
14167 Berlin, Germany

Please do NOT send applications by registered mail or 'Einschreiben'! Applications sent to the principals or the ES and HS offices will not be processed or forwarded.