JFKS School Counseling

Elementary School Counselor – Tamara Faber
The elementary school Counselor provides counseling services for students in the Entrance Class through grade 6. She works in close cooperation with the homeroom teachers to deliver a guidance curriculum at three levels: classroom, small group, and individually. Areas addressed include academic and social-emotional counseling, conflict management, improving self-confidence, decision-making, and stress management, crisis counseling and dealing with transitions. The ES Counselor also collaborates with the Special Needs Teacher to support students requiring accommodations.

Ms. Tamara Faber – ES Counselor
Room: HR 103

Middle School Counselor – Kara Krull
The middle school Counselor provides counseling services for all students in grades 7-9 and works with the 6th graders as of 2nd semester with emphasis on transition to the high school. She works with homeroom teachers to provide information on such topics as study skills and organization, communication and conflict management, decision-making and goal setting, and stress management. The counselor works with individuals on a variety of personal-social/emotional, academic, and career issues and may facilitate small groups as needs arise. She coordinates New Student Orientation in August, trains and facilitates Student Ambassadors, in the HS with support from other colleagues.

Ms. Kara Krull – MS Counselor
Room: HR 107

High School Counselor – Teresa Gebhardt
The high school Counselor provides counseling services for all students in grades 10-12. She oversees course selection and scheduling for the High School Diploma Program, the college planning/application/entrance process for Diploma (to all colleges and universities) and Abitur students (to colleges and universities outside of Germany), is the Advanced Placement and SSD Coordinator, NCAA/NAIA contact for prospective college athletes, and standardized testing. The counselor works with individuals on such topics as decision-making, academic issues, goal setting, personal statements, career planning, stress management, and a wide range of personal and social issues. The high school counselor works closely with the “Oberstufen” Coordinators on matters relating to scheduling and post-secondary education.

Ms. Teresa Gebhardt – HS Counselor
Room: HR 104

Support Staff

Registrar – Alaina Mack
The registrar, located in Haus Reil, is primarily responsible for evaluating each high school student’s credit totals to determine eligibility for obtaining the US High School Diploma. Every student from grade 9 to grade 12 has a ‘transcript’, an American document on which all grades are printed and assigned both credits as well as quality points. When these credits and quality points are calculated, each student earns a Grade Point Average (GPA). The GPA is cumulative so that the final GPA at the end of 12th grade reflects the student’s entire high school career. If you would like to request an official transcript, please send a written request to the email below. The registrar further assists the high school counselor with university applications and helps plan Graduation.

Alaina Mack – Registrar
HR 100
Phone: +49-30-90299 5021

Pedagogical Assistant – Christine Böhm-Wirt
The Pedagogical assistant (fluent in German) guides and support students in their academic and social development in her office, where she is available to students on a walk-in basis. She and Ms. Lopocz lead an open group Monday-Friday during the lunch hour, where students may come to share topics that are important to them. Further, Frau Böhm-Wirt works in cooperation with subject teachers; she supports them in class and is also available for students who may needs additional testing time as required by their accommodations plans. She is the contact person for the state promotion of school trips and tutoring for families in possession of a Berlinpass (unemployment / Harz IV). She also co-facilitates the Student Advocates in cooperation with Ms. Gebhardt (HS Counselor) as well as the Peer Mediators in the HS.

Christine Böhm-Wirt – Pedagogical Assistant
Room: B203

Pedagogical Assistant – Barbara Lopocz
The pedagogical assistant (fluent in German and English) guides and supports students in their academic and social development. She leads an open group Monday-Friday during the lunch hour, where all students are welcome to share topics that are important to them. Her training and experience includes pedagogical counseling for parents, who are welcome to contact her with concerns. She supports the counselors as liaison between school and outside institutions that offer therapy and other services. She is additionally responsible for the upkeep of all student files as well as new/continuing requests for special student accommodations (Sonderpädagogische Förderbedarf). In cooperation with subject teachers, she oversees accommodation testing for students with learning disabilities. Frau Lopocz supervises a homework help group at 15:00 (9th hour; Mon-Thurs). If you are interested in the homework help group or are looking for a tutor for your child, please contact Frau Lopocz.

Barbara Lopocz – Pedagogical Assistant
Haus Reil (8-12:00)
Phone: +49-30-90299 6584

B203 (12-16:00)
Phone: +49-30-90299 6138

Learning Support Teacher – Andrea Rathke
The Learning Support Teacher works with High School students (7 – 12th graders) who require support in any number of areas.  Key fields of assistance include organization, time-management, writing and communications skills, and various learning strategies.  The teacher works closely with the Middle School and High School Counselor in order to effectively offer support where needed.  Counselors may recommend students to see Ms. Rathke on a regular basis.  Located in Rm B222, the classroom provides a place for students to work, discuss, improve, utilize helpful equipment, and attend one-on-one support sessions.

Andrea Rathke – HS Learning Support Teacher
Room: B222
Phone +49-30-90299 6138

Special Education Teacher – Maike Groth
The Special Needs Teacher only works with the students in the Elementary School (grades EC – Grade 6) who require extra support in many different areas. Depending on their need the hours of support are given through pull-out methods in smaller learning groups or with in-class assistance/team teaching. The Special Education Teacher works closely with the staff at JFKS as well as the parents working on shared strategies that can be implemented at school and at home. Regular parent meetings to assure the individual progress of each child are a major part of Special Education at JFKS as well. In addition to this, the Special Education Teacher works closely with the ES Counselor, Ms. Faber, on cases as well as accommodations for individual students.

For any question concerning the admission of a child with Special Needs at JFKS, please contact the Administration directly.

Maike Groth – ES Special Education Teacher