Remedial assistance

Within the elementary school, there are three rooms providing remedial assistance, students may be referred to remedial assistance by their homeroom or subject teachers with the parents’ agreement. All three rooms are staffed by a certified and experienced special needs teacher and an instructional aide:

– Reading Lab (for English Mother Tongue students)
– Leseladen (for German Mother Tongue students)
– Math Lab (for Math students)

Depending on the individual needs, the student may spend one to four hours per week in one or two of the rooms.


JFKS Student Support Services

School Counseling Department Location: Haus Reil

ES Counselor:
Tamara Faber,
HR 101
Phone +49-30-90299 6583

MS Counselor/School Counseling Coordinator:
Kara Krull,
HR 107
Phone +49-30-90299 6221

HS and College Counselor:
Teresa Gebhardt,
HR 104
Phone +49-30-90299 6585

Pedagogical Coordinators
Location: HS – White Bulding
Steffen Schulz, W115
Phone +49-30-90299 6577
Peter Wiechert, W116
Phone +49-30-90299 6575