JFKS Student Support Services


The JFKS School Counseling Department is located in Haus Reil. As student advocates, the school counselors assist students in discovering themselves, their passions and directions in a bicultural bilingual setting. Counselors collaborate with students, staff, and parents to maximize each student’s potential through the delivery of a developmentally and culturally appropriate program that is comprehensive, balanced and supports academic, social, emotional, and career growth.

JFKS Student Support Services

School Counseling Department Location: Haus Reil

ES Counselor:
Tamara Faber,
HR 101
Phone +49-30-90299 6583

MS Counselor/School Counseling Coordinator:
Kara Krull,
HR 107
Phone +49-30-90299 6221

HS and College Counselor:
Teresa Gebhardt,
HR 104
Phone +49-30-90299 6585

Pedagogical Coordinators
Location: HS – White Bulding
Steffen Schulz, W115

Phone +49-30-90299 6577
Peter Wiechert, W116

Phone +49-30-90299 6575