Late Birds

The After School Late Birds Program is an afternoon supervision group children can attend for up to three hours between 13 and 16 h. Games, art work, books and free play are offered by Petra Rose and her team in rooms at the school and on school playgrounds. The fees are € 3,00 for one hour, they’re paid monthly and only for the hours your child actually attends.

Please address any questions regarding Late Birds to:

Petra Rose
Phone +49-30-90299 5116
+49-30-805 841 46

After School Care

Hort / JFK Friendshipcenter
Teltower Damm 101 (Office)
14167 Berlin
Svetlana Ostijic
Phone *49-30-8158118

Office Hours:
Tue, Thu, 14:00 – 17:00h
or by appointment
Late Birds
JFKS, R136

Petra Rose
Phone: +49-30-90299 5116
+49-30-805 84146
Mobile: +49-171-4255982