Religion and World Views

The John F. Kennedy School offers its students the opportunity to participate in Religion and World Views classes in the form of electives. They give students the opportunity to reflect on their culture, values and form of living together as well as to pose questions about their relationship to the world and the meaning of life. Self-recognition and enjoyment of learning are leading goals in this process.
Since Religious Education and World Views (Lebenskunde) are electives in Germany, supervision is offered by the school for children not attending one of these classes (”Religion rest”).
Religious Education and World Views classes take place twice a week at the same time within each grade level starting in 1st Grade. Students and their parents may choose one of the following:

Protestant Education in English
Protestant Education in German
Catholic Education in English
Catholic Education in German
Jewish Education (in both languages)
World Views (Lebenskunde) (in both languages)

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Religious Education and World Views (Lebenskunde) gets financial support from the Berlin Senate and is the responsibility of the corresponding Church or the German Humanist Society (HVD). Lessons are based on the teaching syllabus approved by the Senate for Education. The Jewish community is currently revising their syllabus.


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